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The notion of « change » is not the same for all

The word “change” can represent everything an IT department does. There are changes both in applications and infrastructures, there are changes in live or test environments, there are small and big changes. Some of them are initiated by business activities, others are triggered by technology evolution. Some are called “standard changes”, others are not. Moreover, if this vocabulary is used by all IT organisations, it is far from being based on universal criteria.

The word « change » involves many different things which do not require the same involvement from stakeholders, the same quality levels and which do not address the same issues.

The word ITIL represents all possible uses and can thus be misleading. Because each one of us, according to the job he holds, only partially understands what change is. For this purpose, one has to take sufficient height to understand that, in the ITIL context, change encompasses most activities we call “change” in daily life.

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